Weekend Adult Surf Camp

3-4 surfing sessions, wave by wave video analysis, 70 surfboard demo quiver, skateboard training sessions and lunch each day.

Coaching Services

Developed and refined over years of working with Australia's best surfers.

Surfing Sessions with Video Analysis

Coaches use the latest apps to analyse your footage and give visual feedback with slow-mo replay, digital drawings and split screen comparisons with example surfers.
Camp Schedule

70 Surfboard Demo Quiver

Our Surfboard Empire Demo Centre has 70 surfboards from leading shapers such as Lost, Pyzel, MR, Cabianca and LSD. There is also an FCS test drive centre so you can find your perfect fin.

Skateboard Sessions

Our coaches have training drills that even a first time skater can apply to help their surfing. Carve boards are used for fundamentals (bottom turn, cutback etc.) but our skate ramp is also available for anyone looking to challenge themselves.